UI Party Mod


Has anyone else had an issue with this as of version 2022.6.0? EControl has vanished, and I no longer have the wrench icon to change anything. The other settings seem to remain, like moving the menu buttons to the right and starting with a factory selected. Last time I tried a clean reinstall, all the settings remained, so I was unable to get the wrench back. Attempting to manually remove the mod's settings from my game.prefs resulted in a complete game crash, so I had to reinstall the game in full (lost all my templates & hotkeys).



  • After the recent patch, all player colors are black (only mod activated + common mod tools)



I can't test right now but 2 out of 2 other people have told me they can't replicate your bug. Does it work fine with uiparty disabled?

Doesn't look like something a ui mod can even break.


@magge ^^


I could pinpoint it to "Start with Player Colors on". If that is selected, every unit in the game will be black after a new game. Friend and Enemies. That was 100% not the case before the last patch(s). I reinstalled the mod again to be sure.

It saved me for every game two thankful clicks, because I always play with those colors enabled.

If they can not reproduce that bug in that way, then something is really odd.



Nice work. And presumably team colors itself is fine if you do it manually?


@magge You can right click this button:


That opens up this:


Where you can enable it by default too.

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OMG, I did not know you can right-click this icon. I changed the default colors. Thanks Jip.


I did not know this either

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@jip Are you kidding me?! I've been using this mod for months, also use player colors as my default setting, and only now do I learn about that setting to fix the black-icons bug. Thank you!