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Here is the old doc for UI Party:

Requires common mod tools mod to be 1. installed and 2. enabled
Causes an error on launch if the old Notify mod is in your directory, even if not enabled
Causes a big black box to appear on your map if you use it with EcoManager

Is there a way to change whether one of the menus starts minimized vs open? Specifically the "pings" menu starts closed. What setting or preferences text file do I modify for that?

Hey there, newer player, any possibility for setting the right side of the split-screen as the main monitor? It's so close to being exactly what I need, but having my main screen be on my side monitor rather than my main just doesn't work.
I do have another monitor to the right of my main one, but it's in a different resolution.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

OfficialMaxBox - there are two different mods that does that. the one i can remember is this

arma473 - sorry I forgot to reply. search the code for "hideMenusOnStart" ... i think you want to comment out gamemain.lua line 57

Super solid suggestion. It's almost exactly what I need, aside from my main build bar being super constricted. Every other UI element seems to move properly. The red arrow is where I would expect the control bar to continue. Thanks!

With my updated Windowed dual screen Script I found a few bugs with Party mod

If you switch from dual screen to single screen when the match has started the idle avatar does not position correctly.
The ui-party icon also does not position correctly.
The drop down menu also does not quite position correctly


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Thanks for the report but I'm not polishing this mod to that type of level. I'm happy with bugs like that - not worth the time.

The hotkey for selecting locked units also doesn't work. The only way to select locked units is by holding down shift and clicking/box dragging.

Sometimes the bottom build icons are missing and you have to reselect the acu again. This can happen if you restart a single player game.


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In the old thread was said:
econtrol ui. Helps you manage your economy. Description here: http://forums.faforever.com/viewtopic.p ... 83#p126783

but the link is dead. Can someone make new description of this feature?


Check the spoiler down the bottom of the page

Is there a hotkey for resetting to default? I lost the ingame wrench icon and could not figure how to restore it. Lot of great features otherwise!

No but you can edit your game preferences file. Somewhere is an x/y coord

My eco control not refresh unit icons: on the screenshot engineer and factory was successfully built, but their icon are still on my eco control hud https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UtQ20Z0wlmDS3r_Tqxymx8cQtd86l9jF/view?usp=sharing
and another question: some mod options require Notify mod (game won't launch with it) and Watch units (cant find it) - is there any solution?

The icons are meant to stay on eco control. Otherwise they jump around a lot and the chart is hard to read.

I don't remember what exactly is the case with Notify but just disable those options and delete the the Notify mod. It is old and will cause you trouble.

"Watch units" is not a mod, it's another checkbox on the ui party settings screen

Hm, it makes sense, but at the same time useless information covers big part of my screen (in mid game there are very many icons) Can you please make checkbox with toggle jump around and stay state for such icons?
Maybe set a delay before icon get deleted, so when a new production phase started - icon stays

I haven't worked on the mod for years sorry. Delay is a good idea tho.

You could try the Supreme economy 2 mod. It does a similar thing but worse imo. You might like that better.

@nine2 I would like to collaborate and make brand new version of UI party 😁

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He'll yeah do it bro. What are you going to put in it?