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RE: Hotkey to lower selection prioritization of selected units

There are plans to include these type of interactions in the base game.

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RE: [Another question]How do those different types of layer work on game?

You'd need to do that in a mod, but that is possible yes. If you want to take that road you're better off asking in #modding-general on the official discord. Make sure to give yourself the modder role in #role-selection. There's a lot more activity on Discord

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RE: [Another question]How do those different types of layer work on game?

Technically they can also influence the movement speed, or any other unit property. There is a engine callback when a unit switches terrain type. The game just doesn't make use of it

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RE: Client bug: two Forged Alliance processes start after password failure

I can’t actually look into this but I suspect that anyone who can would want to see a log file

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RE: Saving your game in Coop/Campaign?

Do you play with UI mods? If so, try without

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RE: Suggest new FAF Wiki pages

@hinthunter said in Suggest new FAF Wiki pages:

Maybe one day when it could be automated such labours task.

You just described the reason for the unit db existing.

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RE: Billy nuke doesn't always fire on command?

The ACU is considered 'busy' when building. This prevents its weapon from trying to fire while building. This also prevents the missile weapon. The first order causes the unit to stop building, unflagging the unit as 'busy'. The second order then launches the missile.

Not ideal, something we can look into. But I'm not sure if we can fix it reliably

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RE: Saving your game in Coop/Campaign?

@Inspexor I retraced your steps and it works fine for me. Can you open the log (f9 or ctrl + f9). Enable 'info'. Scroll to the top. There you'll find this:

INFO: Client version: 2023.3.0-alpha-2
INFO: Game version: 3756
INFO: Game type: coop

Can you confirm that your game version is 3756 too? If not, then host 1 game using the FAF game type. That will update your game. The save / load sequence in your video works with the latest patch.

Old save games can no longer be loaded when updating the game version.

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