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RE: When are Technology Three Seraphim Submarines getting fixed?

Host a game and on the left hand side you select the FAFDevelop game type rather than just the faf game type

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RE: When are Technology Three Seraphim Submarines getting fixed?

@ysomanyratstho please check fafdevelop as Thier has been balance changes made Thier

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RE: CPU performance tests

The 3d CPUs of AMD are extremely good at this game and can manage up to 10.000 units without slowing down the game. I can recommend the 7800x3d, or the 5800x3d. This game is primarily CPU limited; it runs fine on much weaker GPUs than the 2080ti

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RE: Ejected: Invalid Player Data

These guards exists to (somewhat) sanitize the values we receive in the lobby. As I mentioned on Github, we can* always extend this in the future. Not sure if that was supposed to be taken literally, haha.

I'd personally recommend to just change your name. But for the sake of purpose, @Sheikah what are the minimum and maximum length of a username? If I'm not mistaken it can be 3 to 32 characters.

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RE: Pathfinding/targetting issue with new version

I do not have time to do a hotfix this weekend; the fix is available on the FAF Develop game type for those that keep running into this problem. Another solution is to always get the gun upgrade 🙂 .

I'll try to hotfix next week.

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RE: Paragon turn on/off button

@valstrax said in Paragon turn on/off button:

I think he means that engineers reclaimed everything under the factory constuction zone quickly without needing to click each individual rocks or to do the slow way of patrol/attack move. Now, placing a factory down erases all "natural" reclaim (aka trees and rocks, wrecks still needs to be reclaimed)

It doesn't erase rocks or other relative valuable props. Just individual trees and other props that are worth very little to no resources.

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