Tutorial for new players with zero RTS experience

Hey, does anyone here know of a resource for new players with zero RTS experience whatsoever?

For some context, friend in question is very confused by the idea of queueing orders. I've been able to find tutorials for beginners (such as the one here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13S4nBDfcBK4WmFtykXGKNmvIPe9L2nbiriISpHNgE4U/edit), but these tutorials assume kind of RTS experience, so this is still too advanced.

There is a FAF discord where we have a chat room for #gameplay-and-training where players can come and experienced players will help to best of their capabilities to introduce and help the new/old players to learn the game. That is the second only thing that is on the table outside of that document as far as i know.

Official discord invite: https://discord.gg/jj9yGUP

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Don’t think there’s anything that basic. I learned stuff like queueing from the campaign missions I think.

That's an interesting question actually. I think that most RTS games (used to) have either tutorial missions or the first campaign missions would go over the basics, perhaps that would help.

I'm half sure that the supcom (base) campaign would go over these things, but it's been ages since I played that.

Definitely suggest that if you haven't already.

Im Working with Willows Duality to have an Updated Beginners Guid to how to FAF this will be a Vidoe Covering all the basic stuff for playing the game. this is not quite ready yet but have been told he has a personal goal to have it done by febuarary. But playing campagn is the best place to start

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Assuming your friend speaks English I'd be happy to take them through all the basics including hotkeys and so on.

There is a tutorial mission in FA for complete beginners, but by the look of it, it hasn't been brought over into FAF, or if it has, it's not easy to find