TMD could be cheaper

There are several different paths to take in order to balance the TML more fairly

  1. reduce TMD costs

  2. reduce TML damage to 2000 so that its enough to kill a t2 mex but still leave the wrecks

  3. increase build times, mass and energy costs to match the potential mass damage that can be done

  4. reduce fire rate

  5. reduce missile storage, only the cybran TML has multiple launch tubes so making all other TML storage to 1

  6. largely increase energy costs to match a T2 energy economy requiring the need for at least a T2 Power Gen, this would also slow down the TML rush and reduce the ability of players locking their opponent out of T2 by Killing their HQ early on and allow the "victim" a better chance of spreading t2 engineers around to build TMD. This would also create a risk reward structure as making a TML would largely increase the chances of energy stalling wich has a large number of repercussions.

T2 air snipes ruin this game also TML OP

you really gotta ask yourself if it isn't your own fault that your opponent managed to acquire T2, built a TML in a forward position, and loaded it with multiple missiles before you even had T2 up

@thewheelienoob said in TMD could be cheaper:

Just play optimally and no attack would ever work, it's pretty simple

T2 air snipes ruin this game also TML OP

That was in regards to preventing players from sniping your tmd, and tml acus. Both of these are much harder to prevent than a simple tml rush. If your opponent gets a loaded tml before you even have access to t2, you ecoed too much or spammed t1 too much (in which case you should be able to rush the tml and kill it)

The key word here is "rush" if someone rushes t2 on the com and makes TML, they will have it before a normal player has upgraded to T2 at a normal rate.

If the TML was more expensive yes you should be able to kill it but as it costs 800 mass almost a T2 mex how much eco is too much eco, 1 single mex?

you give up one T2 mex in order to kill 10.

A TML is worth the same as 14 T1 Strikers which his hardly a game changing amount so if you have t2 on the com and you get rushed you just make t1 pd and easily defend against 14 strikers.

T2 air snipes ruin this game also TML OP

@caliber tml com is rare, tml com rush is super rare cheese strategy. I pretty much never encounter it though the build itself is easily executable by any 1100 player

TML Com is absolutely not rare. I've even had games lately with 3-4 of them going at once. Although, maybe it's just all the TML lovers in MLT doing it...

@snoog I mean it’s relatively rare compared to building tml launcher.

TML com is not rare, it is however quite expensive and requires alot of power. TML launcher is alot cheaper