Blast from the past, Cybran Vulcanizer!

It's a great looking unit. Without sounding disrespectful to the work that went into creating it I think it should have legs rather than feet such as the rest of the Cybran units. Big ole spider legs that are very sharp and plant deep into the ground in order to gain its stability.

@dorset One thing I forgot to show is that the unit deploys. In its non-firing state, its a treaded unit that later deploys support legs to fire. then there is the mini-turret, that is its own unit! This way the mini-turret can fire while the main gun is deployed. Don't think that there is another unit in FAF that does this. At some point I may remove the mini-turret and add a unit enhancement thats available to activate the turret.


Personally I think upgrades should be for commanders and sacus only but it’s your mod

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

@zeldafanboy Please keep in mind that this mod is based on content and models that the original group (me included) created over 10 years ago. That being said, we were very much attempting to push the FA engine as far as it would allow us. Thus was have units that are upgradable, to give the game more than just another set of disposable units.

Will update again today with some of the Cybran units. Also tested the mod using the current AI-Mot hotness, it appears to work fine with 4D-FAF that I was able to see.


Version 6 uploaded...

Have 3-4 units to do to all the core units installed. Unfortunately, those will be the hard ones and will likely take a fair bit of time.

@resin_smoker you need to bee the new and only balace overlord in game, sadly the balance team wont let your idea stand

@noble_ice Well that's why FAF exists... the balance and the ladder police. Without it, many (hardcore) folks wouldn't want to play as their strategies would become less relevant as would they. But, thats why we have mods though right ?

@resin_smoker what is the name of your mod

@noble_ice 4DFAF or just look up the mod by author name Resin_Smoker or resin. Choose the mod date thats most recent, 24 June 2024.