Latest update screwed up my FAF

As the latest update was attempting to update, it erased my old game and then crashed. So, now I cant download the latest version of FAF!!! I went to Steam and ran the Verify Integrity of Files process successfully, so my game is ok. But when I try to run the game from FAF it just keeps going in a loop to because I don't have FAF files on my computer anymore. How do I recover from this?? Please help. I've been playing since 2013 and need my daily FAF fix.

One of my problems is that FAF has an old email address that I can no longer use so I can't register using it. When it send me to Steam, it goes into the loop I mention above.

Have you downloaded the client from the website and reinstalled it again - Does fix it your client issue?

If you have linked your Steam account, you should be able to reset the password via Steam.

If you can not reset it, then try to change your browser.

I reset my password on Steam and every time I try to download the client it goes back to the screen asking me to register again!!! I have no clue what to do now.

I found the location where the update files are located but I don't know what file is the install file. If you can tell me that I might be able to install FAF from those stored files.The date on the file is yesterday, June 21, 2024.

Pardon, but I have trouble understanding your steps - You do not have to locate specific file updates, and I do not know in which context "asking me to register again" is. Registering on the website, or do you mean login on the FAF client, or both?

For your client issue, I would suggest making a clean installation by following the tutorial from here, starting at 2.1. If that does not work, then providing screenshots of your issue(s) may help further to narrow it down:

2.1 Uninstall FAF and Supreme Commander completely and remove any leftover files, so we can begin with a 100% working environment.

It is quit simple:

  1. I go to the FAF website
  2. I select Login in the upper right corner
    3 On the Login page, I enter my username and Password, which brings up the Authorizations page
  3. I select Authorize. And this brings me RIGHT BACK TO THE LOGIN PAGE!!

I have even changed my password to no effect


Following your uninstall link above REALLY screwed up my game!! The procedure deleted all of the Forged Alliance game files!! When I go into Steam the game shows up but I can't play it because ALL of the files are gone. And I can't even uninstall it on Steam because the file count is zero! And I can't buy another copy because Steam thinks I already own it. Can ANYONE help me to delete the "game" from Steam so I can at least buy another copy. I have not found a single clue on the internet to help me.

FYI you should warn players NOT TO DELETE files for a Steam game but instead should uninstall and reinstall them on Steam.

@popsniper Have you tried verifying the files from Steam > Library > right-click SCFA > Properties > Installed Files > Verify integrity of game files?

yes, and it sas there are zero files

My next question is: can I buy Supreme Commander on GOG and install it to my Steam directory.

That is unfortunate, that you encounter so many issues. The first words are "Uninstall FAF and Supreme Commander". I will look into it, how to make it stand out more, so it does not get overlooked or misunderstood.

By checking the integrity of the files via Steam, it should redownload everything as MostLostNoob mentioned.

If you own Supreme Commander already via Steam, then you do not have to buy it again, just to install it.

@popsniper If any files are missing, then verifying the integrity should have restored any missing files. In your case it should have restored everything.

As for replacing the Steam version with the GOG version, that won't work as there are slight differences in a couple files & different executables. That said, you can use the GOG version of SCFA as the version that FAF uses for vanilla assets to run, so you wouldn't need to worry about the Steam version if you had the GOG version. GOG has Supreme Commander: Gold Edition on sale for $3.99 atm, so that may be a good route to take if you can't get your Steam version working.

I can assure you and anyone else who may be reading this that there is absolutely no need to double buy the game to fix installation issues!!! Once you own it on steam you can download it as many times as you like, even on multiple devices.

well buying the game on GOG and installing it and then FAF worked!!! And you are wrong about installing from Steam...I had DELETED all SupCom file (not uninstalled) and so Steam could not find any files to update. And, since it looked like I owned it on Steam, it would not let me buy another copy.


That’s bizarre and I don’t think that’s how steam works

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u