FAF client always opens in a small window

Doesn't matter if it was fullscreen when I closed it, it opens in a small window each time, then I have to click the resize button, it shrinks to a super tiny window, I click the button again, it goes full size.

I think it is recent. Don't remember having to do this each time I launch the client.

@melanol What version is your client in the lower left corner?

@mostlostnoob 2024.6.2, but I think it started a bit earlier.

Also, you can't login with an earlier client: it asks you to download a new one.

@melanol Great. I asked because I know recently that a minimum window size was added recently to avoid the client from opening as about only the size of the window function buttons in the top right. It sounds like your client may be opening as that minimum size instead of sticking to the parameters set the last time you had it opened.

I would suggest that you go to FAF Client > top left menu > Show log folder > close client > open client.prefs in text editor > find section mainWindow > modify width, height & maximized > save (make sure it's saved as client.prefs) > re-open client.

@mostlostnoob Worked. Thankies.