Game crashed right after start


firstly, I would like thanks any developer who is working on FAF! Because of the crash, I try and played original FA... What a difference! 😄

I searched topics here on forum, but I did not find cause or solution. Any URL will be appreciated in case I overlooked it somewhere.

I am using updated W10, and today, I upgraded FAF client to 2024.6.0. From this moment, I am unable to start any game - tested and created game was only with me and bots. Based on information from this forum, I enable and update debugger tools. Log is attached.
Kindly thanks for any help!

@ruprecht IIRC, there have been reports that the Extreme Wars mod is having issues with the current FAF game version (different than the client), so I would suggest disabling that mod in both the client & the in-game lobby to ensure that your base FAF game is working correctly.

If your base FAF game is working correctly, then the issue is indeed the Extreme Wars mod. If not, then please drop the most recent game_22xxxxxx.log file (should be of the last game that crashed) into here so those that can help (not me) have that data to look at.

@mostlostnoob Thanks a lot for your advice!
I did try running game without mod selected in the FAF, but, if the mod is loaded even not used for the game, I understand, that it can cause the trouble.

I will test it and add a note.

@mostlostnoob Unfortunately, the game crached again, even after all mods have been uninstalled.
I had installed these mods:
And even all of them was uninstalled and the list of the mods (SIM and even UI) is empty, the game crashed again.
Here is the last log file: game_22693515.log

There was an strange behavior, and I do not know if it could have any consequences or not. When uninstalling mods, the last mod "Marlo's mod Compilation" remains, but based on the MOD tab, it was not installed. I figure it out with installing it (duplicity of the mod was not shown in the active mod window) and after uninstall, the mod finally disappeared.

I know, that I changed the situation, but I uninstall FAF client with deletion of any data, download and install clean 2024.6.0 FAF client, restarted and...

  1. I was unable to create any game - it crashed before entering the game lobby. Unfortunately, I was unable to enable and update FAF debugger because of "download error". No W10 firewall windows appeared, therefore, Internet should be accessible. Here is the log file: game_22694427.log
  2. Than I try start watching a game record - after downloading many of mod files, the record started without any problem.
  3. Than I try creating the game without any mods enabled, and the game crashed again. Here is the log file: game_22694473.log

It looks that clean reinstall did not resolve it.

For game_22694473.log and game_22694427.log the game cannot find localization files. You have the Czech version of Supcom FA installed on Steam, which comes with the loc_CZ.scd file, but that isn't in FAF's init file's whitelist, so it isn't being loaded (bug we can fix).

You are also missing loc.nx2 in the C:\ProgramData\FAForever\gamedata directory, which is a FAF file, I'm not sure why you don't have it. Normally it would give you all up to date localizations.
I saw that you started some new games from FAF Develop in the replay browser, so I guess you downloaded that file now.

For game_22693515.log and game_22690090.log it seems like FAF beta isn't updated with the engine patch for the SetStat function. I replicated it by just starting a FAF beta balance game. You can't play on FAF beta until the exe is updated for that version.

@nomander waw, what a great answer! 👍 👏 Thanks for all the informations you provided!
Yes, you are right, I was thinking about test some more scenarios, and FAF develop is working like a charm. I will tell my father, that there is some bug specific for the czech version. It looks like en version should be playable, I will test it and let you know.

@nomander I just changed language for FF in steam from CZ to EN, changed language in FAF, restarted W, but the game crashed again.
As far as I can see, there is ForgedAlliance.exe started with "/country CZ", where did it came from?
Here is the log file: game_22700463.log

As you can see at the bottom of the log, it's unrelated to the localization.

@c:\programdata\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\sim\unit.lua 4964
CObject:.?AVUnit@Moho@@ ID:0 BpName:uel0001, "HitpointsRegeneration", 10

this line crashes because faf beta isn't updated with the correct exe patch. @Jip said on Discord yesterday that it's for testing ICE adapter issues and that he'll update the exe with the correct patch when possible. You have to play on FAF or FAF develop gamemodes for now.

/country CZ comes from the FAF client and just sets the flag next your name in the lobby.

@nomander Thanks, I am understand. We are using FAF develop. There is not any urgency from my side. I just wanted to execute one more test.
Thanks a lot for your support and help!