Game Slow on FAF but perfectly fine on Vanilla

So when running the game on FAF with friends its slow and seems to lag and stutter at times. But on vanilla smooth as silk. Was having issues with one drive but got that fixed and re-installed a couple times. Still no luck. What else to check besides GPU driver?

Note: Rig set-up
CPU: I7 6850
GPU: GTX 1080 TI
Ram: 32GB 2133mhz

Check what type of lag you are having...
I guess you should press F11 and check the table at the top right. (in FAF)

in vanilla you can do the same, but need to use console command "ren_shownetworkstats" to display the table, and can type command again to remove the table.

i'd mainly suspect the net lag to be the issue.
If it is not net lag then check ingame FPS with / key on numpad
can check if you have those problems in singleplayer

Edit: ah yea, about the table...
if you see numbers in "behind" column, it usually indicates internet issues
Here is some picture i have found but i used AI to translate from RU to English so it looks weird

"behind" column is usually the most important one

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