It will NOT let me link my steam account with the api thing

ive been trying to link my steam to the my faf account to play, however whenever i try to link my steam account to prove i have the game it will not give me the error message and take me back to the site without doing anything, ive tried to login to play with the faf client but says it hasnt linked so its not working at all, is there any other way i can prove i own a legal copy without going through this or am i unable to join? thanks for the help

@halki2003 After you enter your Steam credentials & it takes you back to the page, scroll down to the Flash Message section. You should see either a green box stating that you successfully linked your account or a red box with an error message. If you see a red box error message & aren't sure how to resolve the situation, then please take a screen shot of the error, then click the Reply button at the bottom between the 👁 (View) icon & the "Mark unread" button. Next, drag/drop your screen shot into the Reply message window so those that can help (maybe not me) have that to look at.

soo i went to the site and logged into the faf account i made, went to verify login and brings me back to the site and says this, really not sure on what to do from here

@halki2003 In addition to changing both My Profile & Game Details to Public in yout Steam privacy settings, have you also followed the instructions under that red error message about logging into your Steam account via the web & setting SCFA itself to Unmark as Private?

@mostlostnoob yes ive done all thats possible on my end, i cant really do anything from my end anymore lol

@halki2003 The the only thing that I can suggest is that you join the FAF Discord, then after the mandatory new join cooldown, go to the #moderation-support channel & click Create Ticket to get some help from the moderation team.

@mostlostnoob alright, thanks for the help

OP found the login credentials for his older, already verified FAF account, which resolved the issue.