I want this ui mod but he wont share it with me

A unamed 1500 player has a ui mod that allows him to, while upgrade all his mexes at once, to auto pause his mexes and engineers so his mass never goes below 100 mass in his mass bank. This way he is always ahead of everyone I know when it comes to eco. I want this ui mod give me, give me, give me please!!! I want it.

Hmm, I believe Eco Manager has a feature you described. It auto-pauses certain things when you upgrade - However, you may get unwanted side effects where you can not pause/un-pause an upgrade anymore, because EM is interfering every time, because "I know better, because you have threshold Y for mass/e, so I will do action X, until it is done."

NGL, I would probably be a better player without it and actually paying attention to the upgrades, but I am too lazy to micro the pause/unpause and just live with the casually downsides which happen sometimes.

You should be able to change the thresholds in the .lua file, if you want that 100 mass thing, but it is not a wonder mod which will make you gain "500 ranking points" just by enabling it and call it a day.


Would be amazing if there was a mod that would allow you to upgrade X number of mexes simultaneously and it just starts the next mex upgrade automatically as the previous one finishes. Sometimes I just forget I need to start more mex upgrades and then lose the game because I'm behind.

@thomashiatt Easy way to keep your upgrades going is to have a small group of engineers and queue up assist orders to your mexes. They'll go around upgrading them one after the other, won't have to pay attention to it once you've given the order.

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