everyone always ask about "host? where is host?"

nobody ever asks about "host! how are you host?"

think about that.

When was the last time you called the host? I mean really told the host how you feel?

host of this thread... where are you?!

He's gHosting us.

"Nerds have a really complicated relationship with change: Change is awesome when WE'RE the ones doing it. As soon as change is coming from outside of us it becomes untrustworthy and it threatens what we think of is the familiar."
ā€“ Benno Rice

Who wants to host 1.8k+ in like an hour? Im down for anything from 1v1 up to 6v6

@thewheelienoob sounds good, I look forward to some good team-games on Forged Alliance Forever

@TheWeakie you up?

what distinguished gentlemen

@thewheelienoob where the host



mods there appear to be people impersonating someone