game crash

game crashes after a 50 60 min game in co op and offline run with faf client
any help is greatly welcome

@markjefferson One issue that I can confirm that you have is that your maps & mods are in OneDrive. All versions of SCFA have a difficult time with using network storage systems like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc..

To get around this for FAF, you'll need to:

  • go to FAF client > top left menu > Settings > Forged Alliance Forever > Maps and Mods Location > Choose...
  • navigate to a location outside of OneDrive
  • either select an already existing folder or create a new folder for where FAF will store your maps/mods & then select the new folder
  • double-check the new path to ensure that it's not in OneDrive

After resolving that issue, I suggest that you play a game without any mods to help determine if there's an issue with the base FAF game or the co-op map. If you still crash in a non-modded game, then it's one of those things. If not, then it's one or more of the mods that you're playing with causing the crash & you're going to have to troubleshoot that.

@mostlostnoob yeah changed it
and still crashes lemme check the mod thng but lemme say it crashes after 40 mins