Cybran Siren class t2 cruiser

it has engineering suit , but it is the same as t1 mantis. any plans to change it?

Why? Also, I think the engineering suite is just mistake in the UI. It's supposed to just have air staging mentioned.

@endranii it is not ui mistake , it works in assisting factoris. im just wondering, will it be more relevant in game.

@noble_ice for example to make movable hive on crusers

@TheWheelie Any hidden tech you folks been cooking up?

Lol never heard of this

@thewheelie you are hiding something from us. we can smell it. tell us the truth and the truth will set you free😜 😝 😜

This seems related to the fact that it has air staging, the build power is extremely low and the build initiation range is also extremely low iirc. It would be cool to add a model of a hive on the back and increase its build power to like 15 or something

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

they would be able to repair eachother which is pretty cool and would slightly make up for their dog ass anti air. 😊

profile picture credits to petric