Random game crashes after 10 mins

Hey guys,

please I really need your help. Since a couple of weeks my game keeps crashing after a while. But only sometimes. I have reinstalled everything, deactivated my mods, disabled audio devices, installed java runtime environment.
This is so frustrating to experience besides all the ddos stuff, disconnects, finding a game at all...
This is a the last log:

I enabled the debugger and got a way more comprehensive log.
Can someone please take a look at it? Would be greatly appreciated!

Try without the mod ui-party and report if it works or not, please.

Thank you for your help.
I deactivated UIparty and it feels like the crashes are much less often. Still crashes though.

Unfortunately, I am unable to see the cause of the crash. I can just advise to try without any mods, and if it still crashes, then reinstall everything; and verify all game files via Steam/GOG.

Did everything multiple times. Keeps crashing 😞
Can a KVM switch have something to do with it?


I had the same issues as you. It was a driver issue. I updated all the drivers and it resolved everything. Try updating from the manufacturers site, not the Microsoft update as this seems to lag by a few months. Might not solve your problems, but worth a try 🙂