Seton's Clutch Tournament Best team of 2023

Sign me up 🙂 (team with Swatoslav)

im 2000 so should be ok right @PMBMize ?

This comes as a hard decision and ultimately I do understand the concerns of everyone . I was hoping the issues were to be solved before the tournament. Unfortunately there still lies bigger issues with the game in general. I will follow up with the Dev's to see where we are at by the end of the work week and seeing if its plausible to even play it this weekend.

I will still be adjusting teams as we go.

Suffer in silence

@swatoslav well before 3-4 days u had 2100 so u should stay there... i could lose some rating to if i want.

ok understand

I don't play Seton's much, but if anyone needs 1300, message me. Although, my connection has been lagging sometimes recently; not sure if related to the DDoS attacks

I'm signing up solo

I vote for giving yudi 4 ACUs, one each per normal starting location, and actually have him signing up solo

@cheeseberry yes i hope so to

He’d probably have similar apm to the combined enemy team with that setup, would be fun to watch


I see that there are several players that have ratings between 1100-1300 that would like to play the tournament. I think you should allow them to join some of the teams that need a player. Even though it would put them slightly over the rating cap. We do need to fill those teams. Also what are your thoughts on making the tourny a 10 team one? We do have alot of additional players that would like to play.
I'd love to see Yudi join and have some fun.

Thank you
Your DAD or maybe Grandpa

First we will be best, then we will be first.
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Sign me up. Please add me to Cheeseberry team!

After last hotfix patch units still being retarded in late game, some players noticed this issue even at 10/15 min game time.
Not only me, also most of players, that signed up, prefer to wait better patch before play tourney, because no one want to have silly death when your ACU just won't move.

Are there still places with a ~1000 rating?

@feanor0161 yes, just sign up

Sign me up. feanor0161 1000 rating

for me 10 teams are fine

There is Robogear wanted to make his own clan L0R team, so he should be glad to know that we can form two extra teams. Only need to delay tourney for next saturday, till devs fix game properly.

Due to ongoing concerns for the state of the game. I'm going to postpone the tourney till next Saturday. I will include 2 more team entries due to the surplus of player entries. Everyone else will be substitutes in case player misses event hit time. If in the event we don't get the sufficient rated players on the lower end of the rating 1500 or less I will allow 100+- past combined rating.
In the meantime, please post replay numbers where any bugs that may cause disruption to the game, in the "bug reporting" section on the FAF discord.

Suffer in silence