SupremeCommander printed models


Hi everyone! randomly posting my models i have made so far:
1566132611188742579.jpg 1563629908169064456.jpg 1563629896110936480.jpg 1563629879164850208.jpg 1563629872169062699.jpg 1561747297141856806.jpg 1561747224143419137.jpg il_1140xN.2272365403_50rc.jpg il_1140xN.2272365357_65ud.jpg il_1140xN.2224777130_ikmr.jpg 1566132631131234256.jpg 1566132627198046503.jpg

These look fantastic. How did you make them? What printer did you use? What is your cost per unit? Could you make more? Are you willing to sell them?

beautiful. good job

Excellent work, love the level of detail! Any plans for Aeon units?

Really amazing

@callcifer I would pay money for a GC with a crushed loyalist on one of it's arms

Probably best to discuss that in PMs since we don't want people to think profit is being made off of the IP.

That is some absolutely amazing models though. Lots of detail everywhere from the stuts of the legs to the canon of the monkeylord. I'm noticing a lot of cool and interesting things that I didn't notice about the units even though I've played with them a fair bit in game, like the difference in pattern on the top of the ythotha's arms, or the little handle-bar like things on the side of the monkeylord's turret.

Could we get a photo of all of them together?

il_794xN.2272359325_6hrf.jpg il_1140xN.2224771558_gf6j.jpg

@FunkOff creality cr10s and ender 3 , cost is low to priont but needs time and effort for post processing and painting.Its kind of hobby, but i already sell them
aeon and seraphim are cool but extremely complicated to paint.

@Evan_ said in SupremeCommander printed models:


well, i am sorry but they are all gone so far

think of ahwassa next print, but hard to paint

The best part is that these are all 3D printed in universe.

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Look amazing. well done. If i had money, I would buy them off you

Hello all,

I am very new to FAF, and also somewhat new to printing, but I enjoy both. I have not tried to paint anything yet, but suspect I will soon.

alt text
alt text

I found a few models available online, but I prefer to make my own. As you may be able to tell, I am quite amateur in the 3D modeling hobby, but I thought the people here may enjoy a time lapse of creating this model. (I have never tried video hosting before, so hopefully this works correctly). I have since begun adding some detail that is only only rendered in skins, I am planning to continue work on the model for photo-realism. Hopefully at the end of the current semester I will have time to make more videos of that detailing and will post progress photos here if people enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Aeon ACU Blender Timelapse Video

This aeon acu looks great. Can you also add color?

Hey, thanks for checking it out. I will definitely try painting at some point. As for adding color on the 3D model and rendering, I don't think I will do much, but I could if people are interested in seeing it.
I think that once I am able to finish detailing the ACU model I will probably try to model a photorealistic GC.
Latest screenshot of the ACU detailing.
alt text

Quite enjoyable to see that progress! 😄 Are you aware that you can export and edit models from the game? They're not as HQ as your current version, but it may help with the baseline.

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@Jip I was not aware, thanks for mentioning that. 🙂 Like I said, I am very new to FAF, but I will see if I can figure it out.

Done with the details on the armor and external plating. The body details are generally less specific and don't seem to be consistent, so I may just apply effects to see if I can find something that most accurately imitates the look. Debating if I want to try and print this beast, or mess around with the rest of the details before printing.
alt text

In other news, I messed around a bit trying to export the models from the game, but have not figured it out yet. If anyone has words of wisdom on getting those, I would appreciate it.

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@ELCroisidh There is some general information here:

All the assets are stored in the gamedata folder, that resides in the installation folder. Inside are .scd files that stands for Supreme Commander Data. These are just renamed zip files: change the extension to .zip and unpack them. The relevant SCD file would be units.scd.

I'm not that knowledgeable about the Blender plugin - it may be this:

But I think there is a more recent version - @MadMax can you shed some light on this?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned