After a DC (Router restarted) login takes forever (30 min+)

I hosted a lobby, had people in it and my router dced. This resulted in me loosing connection to FAF and ultimatly closing it. I try to reconnect and it takes ages.... 30min +. This happens relatively often to me which makes it a real problem. Any solutions or workarounds ?

Try the following:

  • Leave it an hour - it might be updating the firmware, which will affect performance. This would also explain the disconnect.

  • After an hour, restart it - This is to make sure it is running properly.

  • Check your connections - It might be that a cable has degraded over time. Copper rusts, rubber perishes and people dig in gardens. I had a router that was unreliable due to a cable that was too old and has started to fall apart.

  • If that doesnt work, get a new router. Most ISPs send you junk. Depending on your connection, you could porbably buy a good router than won't f**k up. Cheap routers can overheat when too much is asked of the crappy little CPU. No company will ever overspec the router, so you end up with a machine that just about works until you make it do too much. Alternatively, call your ISP and see if there's a new one they can give you for free due to the errors.

  • Speak to your ISP - The internet connects using a protocol called BGP. Because of how vast the internet is, if there's a problem with one of their nodes, the internet might work but not very well. It might also be that the hardware in the street isnt working properly. I had to speak to my ISP because the box in the street wasnt working properly (something wasnt plugged in well).

  • Failing all of that, try running something called an Iperf server. You can send sample data over your connection and check the results. You'll need two sides of it, so ask a friend to help you (this is engineer level, so maybe a bit too hard).

Unfortunately disconnects while in game are known to cause long delays of logging back in for an unknown reason.