Attack Submarine Damage

I would like to suggest if attack submarines could get a buff to their attack for the upcoming balance patch after chatting with SpikeyNoob about this after our 1v1 game and he has suggested that I post it (also we recommend that more players should actually play more 1v1s as it is really draining to wait for games):

Based on the statistics of the submarine, it would do a damage of 75 now, and it has a mass cost of 360 per submarine. This is quite a costly investment which could have been used better elsewhere in the early game. The submarine also dies relatively easy once tech 2 enemy sea/air is reached.

I also know that there is a hp buff coming for the attack submarine in the upcoming balance patch. I am not sure if buffing the damage from 75 (to maybe about 100) would be good for the attack submarine also? Maybe this idea would be worth considering to make the attack submarine a better investment to:

  1. countering mass early cheaper frigates which may target enemy engineer build power at naval factories
  2. tide against some early enemy tech 2 navy
  3. deny enemy commanders moving into water much earlier and changing the outcome of certain games (after all you are paying a lot of mass for the attack submarine)
  4. (anything much better which you can think of)

I am not sure if this is worth considering but it is just my suggestion for the attack submarine.

Im not sure how i feel about this, seems like an interesting direction to go in though if the sub hp buff works out well. It could end up quickly becoming too op if subs cannot be easily dealt with torps and they do a massive damage.

Maybe buff sub aa

it doesnt counter engies, it counters engies against 2 factions

making subs have more damage is also insanely boring, why not turn into them into the intel boat of navy if you want them to be relevant instead of dancing around the point of making pure sub gameplay viable

If you want to have a play with extra t1 sub damage I made a mod a while ago sub_intel_balance, which also changes a few other things mainly reducing sonar to make them harder to spot

I like the idea of subs being low-HP high damage units, but the dynamics of water play are not like land Vs Air.

High damage subs that could push an enemy navy out sounds good on paper, because most subs can not effectively do anything about land. The hard counter to subs would be torpedo bombers. The counter to that being cruisers. Under this dynamic, a Seraphim navy would be pretty dangerous, sub rush to push the enemy navy out, cruisers to shoot down torpedo bombers, and long range tactical missiles to bombard land targets. Of course, the exchange rate of using suicide torpedo bombers against cruisers is better for torpedo bombers, torpedo bombers are cheaper.

If torpedo turrets had more HP or torpedo defense, it could change the dynamic of high-damage subs pushing someone out of the water, at least until destroyers show up and out-range the torpedo turrets.

The dynamic of water is interestingly complex, but I would like to see subs have a clear purpose.