Number of players in game lobby not matching faf lobby

I am having this issue constantly and for the last few weeks (at least), is no one else experiencing this?

As you can see below, the number of players in a lobby is often not reflecting reality. I will join a game lobby and despite whatever the faf lobby says, the number of players in the game can vary wildly. i have joined games with 2 players and then found 12 in the game lobby.

Just weird...


i updated my faf client but no joy!

Does it happen with the recent alpha client as well?

@magge Err, where would I access that then? A quick google didn't sort my life out..

I’m guessing it has to do with connection issues. The number shown in the FAF client is supposed to be only players who are successfully connected to the game host. Any players who show up as 'connecting to xxxxxxxx' would not be counted, but it’s a little hard to know exactly which players those are if you’re not the host since you could be connected to someone even if they’re not connected to the game host.

Still an issue in the latest alpha. Game lobby says 2 players in it but I'm in there with eg 10 others.

As a side issue, possibly related, the games in the faf lobby do not sort as per my preference. Just weird.

The number displayed is not something that the client decides. It just shows whatever the lobby server is telling it.