How to add more variety in the choice of maps?

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Attention to the screenshot: 30 people are playing Gap and 8 people are playing other maps(maybe they will leave without waiting for the game to start)

If I want to play FAF, then I go to DualGap, because the lobby is filling up quickly.
Over time, I got very used to this map and play only DualGap. I want variety in the choice of maps. Choosing another map (if it is not Astro XD) means 20-30 minutes waiting in the lobby. I'm scared to play different cards because I don't know them like DualGap.
I would like to have extra motivation to play different maps. I would like to quickly gather lobbies not only for DualGap and Astro.

The FAF community creates such great maps.... Maybe diversity should be encouraged? But how to do that?

P.S. I'm a noob and I have a 600 rating. :)

You can join the matchmaker queues which have a variety of maps

I will answer in my own style ... YES, to collect other lobbies with other maps, you need to spend ~ 20 minutes on it, the encouragement will not take long to wait, the more often you host other maps, the more your lobby will become more popular and the players themselves will wait for you to come into the game and create a lobby, it will become its own a kind of rhetorical game that will be played by certain players who like different maps. Otherwise, in no way, it will not be possible to make gentle conditions

who besides you (c)

Tragedy of the commons. No one joins good maps because of a 10+ minute lobbysim, so 10+ minute lobbysim will always be the default.

The solution is to join the lobby anyway, and hope others are more inclined to join the lobby because you're already in there. Alternatively, play TMM.

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