Timed Expansion Setting in Co-Op

After some testing, it seems as if the timed expansion setting for the Forged Alliance Campaign Maps is not working. With it off, during Black Day somewhere around the twenty minute mark the game undergoes the first expansion.

And again at around forty-minutes for the second expansion.

I noticed the same thing.

Same thing. Would this be fixed somehow?

Bump, this option isnt working in multiple if not all co-op missions. All the custom made missions expand after a certain time no matter if timed expansion option is on or off. Had to edit the campaign mission file with notepad++ to make the expansion time 99 minutes.

Does not happen to me in black day:


Are you all using using the latest version of the map or did you actually forget the put the options?

Concerning other custom campaigns: yup, the option does nothing because the timed expansion is configured somewhere else (I share your frustrations and had to edit them myself as well).

"Blame" the author I guess.

edit: oh geez the OP was from 2020. @KonjikiNoYami please do not necro threads from 2 years ago...but either way, yeah, not much to be done unless you want to contact the original authors and ask them to "fix" it.