Wish to open dialgue - Why mod-patch keeps getting dropped?


I'm a modder - not a gifted one, but you can call me a talented, diligent fan.
I've been trying to put together a cluster of mod-pack patches into a single mod. And over the past few days have been seeing it disappearing day-after-day.
Naturally - I've also been anticipating a "notification" IN ANY FORM as to why my modpack has been removed.
[to cover bases - I've been checking the following: Email, Forum Notifications, FAF Client Notifications, Carrier Pidgeons, Semaphore, "The Beacons of Minas Tirith"] and nothing has come through!!!

I want the reader of this to understand that I'm with-the-community-for-the-community in what I do; so will contribute positively; hence my desire for open dialogue - But happy to accept 'acceptance' in my goal.

I draw the line at 'abandoned mods' (since modding is a spare time activity, modders tend to 'move-on') So if a modder "Doesn't fix there stuff", then I see it as fair-game to do it myself in the form of a supplementary patch-mod (which doesnt edit the original files).
So the crux of it is: Why does my patch mod get dropped without notification?


Best person to talk to would be Baltazar on the discord he is the team lead in charge of the map and mod vault and they will be able to assist you

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there is a separate ruleset for modding and mapping, as Rowey has stated, you can find balthazar either on discord or via faf, can do with forum pings as well.
my pov is that you probably tried working with someone's mod without getting their approval so it automatically gets hidden regardless of you doing better or worse since those are moderated by the creative team.

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your mod was removed because it contained copyrighted content the way to make a patch pack is to hook the original files not just copy paste them into your mod, the units i saw in your mod came from black ops and brewlan, black ops is being maintained already and balth's brewlan is still active, i don't see why these would need to be fixed, here's a guide that covers sup com hooking https://github.com/The-Balthazar/SupCom-Mod-Tutorials/wiki have at look this mod to get an idea of how to mod mods having the original mods as a requirement


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@madmax said in Wish to open dialgue - Why mod-patch keeps getting dropped?:

w in your mod came

That guide is really helpful, many thanks - I was stuck on hooking the specific 'parts' of the broken units and I admittedly resorted to using the whole unit defs as a result.
With the guide you posted I'll be able to just hook the specific lines that are affected (And the fixes are simply one-liners)

(The ones that need fixing) Simply fall into these categories [Fire but do no damage][Dont fire][Fire but something is seriously wrong] (Just for your curiosity)
If you're in active contact with the modders & my previous uploads are accessible to yourself; please feel free to grab the description notes and pass them on. It'll help the modders debug what is going on with their code.


tm and black ops are maintained by Uveso and issues can be reported here





Brewlan has a git hub


where you can make issues and balth will look at them and antares I'd steer well clear of, that mod uses copyrighted materials which is why its not on the vault

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