Community Manager Candidates 2023

This thread is for the applicants to the Community Manager Position to introduce themselves and their vision for the role. Only posts from the applicant @Kazuya will be allowed, all others will be removed.

I will note that @Kazuya is formerly known as Azraeelian Angel

Hello! It's nice to meet everyone. I'm not around as much as I used to be (Due to my Military Life). Although I'm looking to get back into the role of things and this is a big thing for me!

Some people may know me for things like

-> Founder of the AI Development Discord for Supreme Commander FA Globally.
-> Creator of AI-Swarm
-> Developer for the LOUD Project (AI Focused)
-> Developer for FAF
-> Member of FAF Association

My goals are pretty straight forward and are focused on hopefully engaging the players with Content not only in the form of Game Development but also tournaments. I really want the community to be informed of most FAF on goings in the future. I hope as CM I can fulfil these things.

My biggest ideas currently are:

-> Dev Dairies either every month or 2 months to get an insight into the minds of Game Developers & Client Developers.
-> Dev Dairies either every month or 2 months to get an insight into the minds of Balance Developers.
-> Creating Tools & Stuff for Retention Rates & Seeing why players come back and why they dont come back.
-> Encourage the funding and support of more professional tournaments with completely fundraised money.
-> Encourage the funding and support of more game development with completely fundraised money.
-> Promoting Streamers & Casters, who contribute to the retention and gain of players.
-> Promote Personal Trainers to the global FAF Community, who seek to improve players for the future.

I hope some of these interest the community and of course these are not all my ideas and I still have so much thinking to do Especially as this is a new Position in the FAF Structure, it's obviously not cleared defined what the job fully entails and thats certainly something I'll have to adventure into!

Developer for LOUD Project |
AI Development FAF Discord |
AI Developer for FAF

Community Manager for FAF
Member of the FAF Association
FAF Developer

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