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Faf has never been as laggy as it has been for about a month now. I wonder why that is? I spend more time trying to get a decent game than actually playing.

That there are occasional lags is normal for FAF players, especially dualgap players. But this is new, and since it has been going on for so long, I wonder if it's even worth it and if anyone is even taking care of it. Or what the problem is in the first place. It was running really well for a while and the number of players hasn't grown significantly.

@HOSCHMOSCH I'm sorry to hear you have this issue. I am not an expert but as far as I know, there have been no recent changes to the networking aspect of the game.

Here's what worked for me, to avoid lag:

Using the network info in-game (visible in the top right when you press F11), you can see which players have bad connections to each other and avoid games with them, by hosting your own lobbies. This network info panel looks like a black table and will show when player X stops receiving data from player Y. It's usually enough to exclude one of them to get rid of the lag.

If you want, you can also try smaller games. The chances are much, much better for a smooth experience, even in a 5v5, compared to a 6v6. I know it's not the same, but maybe it's still fun enough? As a small consolation, at least the lobbies will fill faster.

I don't know how your games lag in detail, and I don't mean to suggest that it's probably you, but just in case this is something on your end, here are some other things you can do: If you often lose connection to all players at once, and you are using WiFi, connecting your PC to your router with a cable will probably fix it. If you see a lot of small numbers in the row with your name on that black network info table, that might be a sign that something is wrong with your home network or internet service. Contact their tech support.

Thanks for the response. But all your tips are for normal use of FAF. Even with the network overview, it's difficult to determine who is lagging. That's the problem. It's generally laggy and not attributable to a specific player.

That sucks. Is it the same in smaller games?

I don't know that because I only play Dualgap. I wonder why it's not already known. It's a constant topic and always present among players.

If no one takes care of it anymore, I understand that. After all, the guys are doing it for free. Nevertheless, I would like to know if improvement can be expected. Because now many are looking for other games and I also wonder if it's still worth it and, above all, if it's still fun.

I constantly read about how to grow the community and attract more players. I would rather focus on giving existing players a chance to stay and not migrate. That would probably be the first step.

I would like to know if improvement can be expected.

Our server is having hiccups. We're soon migrating, see also:

The hiccups have been the source of a lot of issues players have been experiencing the past month. Until we move there's not much we can do to improve the situation.

The game is peer to peer. When you play a game with 12 players you'll have in total (12 * 11 = ) 132 open connections to other players. You can reduce lag by playing with less players. I understand that doesn't apply to you as Dual Gap requires 12 players. But that is why the average game I play (3v3 (6 * 5 = 30) to 5v5 (10 * 9 = 90) is essentially lag free.

And for those reading this: I can highly recommend the 3v3 map-gen queue. It is a lot of fun šŸ™‚

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From an admin perspective we see the problems but we can't connect it to a root cause. Also were all more busy then in previous years, so there is few time for investigations.

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I see. The thing is, not too long ago, things were going really well. 3v3 is certainly also enjoyable. The beauty of it is that you can play what you like. However, Supreme Commander stands for large-scale battles, and that's what a whole series of players enjoy, and what sets Supreme Commander apart from other games. But that's nothing new.

Let's hope that the issue will be resolved quickly.

I'm also a random map fan. Until these issues are resolved I'd love to play with more gap lag refugees like you, so you're officially invited.

There's a lot of game there, new experiences to be had. No one knows which mex belongs to whom, or what to do, without a map meta to settle things. The entire early game is a clumsy improvised balance between raiding, developing and stealing from your teammates. I hope you join and see for yourself.

@phong said in Lags lags lags:

I'm also a random map fan. Until these issues are resolved I'd love to play with more gap lag refugees like you, so you're officially invited.