Upcoming server move [no date yet]


Hi everyone,

we will be moving to a bigger dedicated server in the next 2 weeks. We have not planned date yet, as there is a lot of preparation to be done. As usual we will announce outages in Discord, so you'll know what's going on.

This was planned for a longer time, but also pushed to the recent outages (even though we cannot guarantee that a faster server will resolve these issues):

  • The server scratches at its 64GB limit for quite some time now.
  • The disks are worn out (that's probably why lately one died and to our negative surprise Hetzner replaced it with an almost equally old disk....) and also full, so we're juggling around with external storage (also this is an ancient issue)
  • CPU peak load is reached more often lately.

The new server is a AX102 (details here). Effectively we triple the CPU power, double the RAM and double the storage compared to the current server.

"Nerds have a really complicated relationship with change: Change is awesome when WE'RE the ones doing it. As soon as change is coming from outside of us it becomes untrustworthy and it threatens what we think of is the familiar."
ā€“ Benno Rice