As long as it is possible, with each patch it gets worse and worse, it is no longer possible to play at all. Problems with authorization, terrible lags on patch 3.0, eternal crashes.

Who knows a way to play consistently ? I just want to play. Every game someone always crashes, then out of sync.

You're going to have to give us a bit more to work with. We've recently been having server issues but that is, at this point, out of our control. We're going to try to improve the situation as described here. No other client will fix these issues (authorization / lag issues) though, so going back to an old client will not help. At best it can create a placebo effect 🙂

About the crashes, have you reported them to us? And do you have the game debugger enabled?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@ernestfeed FAF is maintained by volunteers, your attitude is poopy. The volunteers will be able to constantly improve FAF but will you be able to ever improve your attitude?

@ernestfeed I feel like you came at a bad time, the server will be changed soon so please be patient. It’s free after all

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