Newbie question

I just installed FAF, but I don't want to jump into a pvp yet. Can I launch FAF and play some skirmish? I just want to get the feel for the re-balance (I'm used to supcom & FA) and experiment first. And I want to get my hotkeys setup. Thanks.

Yeah sure thing, you can use FAF client to run some COOP games for example or just play alone vs AI. Also, if you want to try some games against players, but dont want them to influence your ranking you can use option when hosting: unrank - (yes). Also, some options make game unranked by default that includes:

  • (already mentioned) Unrank option
  • any AI allies or opponents
  • Changing victory conditions
  • Disabling any units
  • Using any SIM mods

In addition to the above post, in case you need some visual guidance, I have included an image.

You can simply set a password and can test everything out by taking your time. If you play online versus other players, you do not have to worry, there are many novice players out there.

If you need further assistance, just ask.


Thanks for that. Works a charm. Nice to see a new AI. I'll get my hands dirty online today or tomorrow, as the eco doesn't feel any different in balance (that was the main thing I wanted to trail run for).

@cubeo3 If you’re playing skirmish games against the AI then make sure you check out the various custom AI that FAF has available:

One simple question. Can side-buttons of a mouse be mapped to hotkeys? It's not registering mine. E.g. move order and assist. I do understand it would only select the order, not give it, but I'd like to use my extra mouse buttons for something.

Also thanks @maudlin27 ... m27 and RNG sound like the kinda thing I'd want from an AI.

@cubeo3 the side buttons of your mouse cannot directly be mapped as hotkeys. However, an additional remapping program (eg x-mouse button control) lets u emulate a keyboard button with your eg 3rd mouse button, which in turn, can be mapped as a hotkey in FAF

@amygdala ah yeah I thought the solution might be something along those line. Just checking if I wasn't missing an in-game feature. Thanks.