New Player having issue with setting up account.

Hi all,

got a friend interested in playing but he can't get past new account verification. It keeps telling him "Access to was denied."

He has tried several browsers, and on different days. Says he has no firewall beyond general windows stuff.

Any ideas?



This is a new issue that we've seen frequently. Can you provide a list of browsers they've tried? Edge has seemed to work for most people

Yes, he finally got in with Edge, which was quite honestly the last thing he tried. haha. I'll doublecheck which browsers he started with.

[edit: Yeah, he had trouble with chrome before Edge worked. Windows 10. He did say he had a popup blocker tho. Wonder if one of those is part of the problem]

It is bit odd that it is only working with Edge out of all browsers...

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...

It also works with fresh installs of chrome. No idea why chrome changes the request to be denied