Does FAF *need* Admin Access to Install

I'm wanting to install FAF on two computers I don't have administrator access to. Is it possible to install Downlord's client without admin rights to the OS?

Other info:
There's (2) computers in-question, (not sure it makes a difference) one has Win 7 still, the other Win 10. Steam is installed. I haven't tried yet, just wondering in advance of the weekend when I'd like to be playing.

Yes, just install it into your local user directory

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@Brutus5000 Thanks. So far no success. Tried running as an invoker but still stopped before even choosing the directory to install.

I wonder if UAC forces admin privilege check no matter what. Other programs still install ok without admin.

@Brutus5000 Just realized what you probably meant was to go to download the latest release .zip file from Git-hub, and extract to a local directory. 100% working thanks.