Post client update small questions,

Nothing major just curious about a few things,

  • Since the latest update the option for extreme wars / Phantom by the client isn't there anymore was it removed? I've looked around at update logs and hadn't seen it yet, ( i still have and play the extreme wars mod, but the separate mod version from the client auto starts with all units maxxed out health/ guns ) i liked more whn you could control how many upgrades there were,


  • the game doesnt crash in this instance but on several maps that supposedly have AI markers
    the AI will build a land facotry 6 p gens one engie that rolls out to about 20 feet away then all the enemies freeze at ths point

( i can still move buiild etc )
I have Uveso and Ai swarm

one or two maps still work but even some common maps that ik for sure have markers itll do this

Ive tried making all ai the same type and even undoing both mods to only use one at a time,

and since it doesnt crash idk what i could be doing or have done to make this happen.

The mods weren't removed, they were moved to regular mods.

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@brutus5000 ahh so its just that the regular mods may be different?

The client version of extreme allowed u to use the tech building to upgrade them whilst the mod picked from the game

skips that part and has them all upgraded,

Your best bet is to talk with @Uveso who manages the alternative standalone mod on the vault if Thier an issue with the mod it self

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the mod in the vault is based on the version we had in the FAF launcher (XtremWars 1.0 FAF featured).
I just fixed some bugs and didn't touch any mod mechanics.
There is a dev log file in the root of the mod with all the changes I made (Bugfix by Uveso.txt)

you can download the mod also from here:

(There is also a forum thread for every mod)