What are your preferred mapgen generation settings?

Describe or share an image of your preferred mapgen generation settings (example below).


pfp credit to gieb


I try to generate maps fairly balanced maps:

  • Every spawn should have a clear idea what they have to do
  • Good elevation changes (Flat maps are so boring)
  • Accessible plateaus or at least inaccessible plateaus that don't directly overlook spawns
  • Spawns that aren't clumped up. I don't like when the whole team spawns together, 15x15 for 10 players seems to do this well.
  • A good amount of mexes, but plenty in mid to fight over to avoid turtling. Sometimes maps generate with mid pretty empty and clumps of mexes on each side that don't really need to be fought over. I try to avoid that.

4v4 12.5 km or 5v5 13.75km. I feel like this is a good compromise for a noobs welcome game, having soured on smaller maps since there's insufficient room to use spam because of commander density. Any bigger and the endgame too often goes into t3 arty or novax stage which I don't personally enjoy. Had a lot of fun on 3v3 10km or 12km, but 3v3 is less suited for noobs welcome.

All the sliders I leave on random except maybe Mex amount slightly above default and reclaim amount at default, as I feel they don't have any meaningful impact. Same for the map style, I prefer the variety offered by random, hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

I generate maybe 10 maps for every one I host, rejecting maps for such things as too strong choke points, not enough stuff in mid to fight over and significant mex imbalances for any lane, when the map has rotational instead of mirror symmetry.

I would love to see options for selecting biomes and symmetry types, although a drop-down wouldn't be my first pick since the ability to exclude particular entries is more important than picking them. I would prefer a field of checkboxes for this reason, even for map style.

Maximum reclaim and mexes, hate red maps though , i prefer flatter maps so i dont have to use what little apm i have to see what can and cant hit things aswell as not being able to build things in infuriating places.

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