Dropped units dying for no reason


In my last game I noticed some Othuums I dropped died for no reason. The terrain was quite flat, and nothing was shooting at them. It happens on two occasions around 23:30. One Othuum out of four dies in my drop on the bottom expansion, and the single Othuum I dropped in the top expansion also dies.


I inspected closely to see if there was some reclaim that they landed on that killed them, but there was not. I also tried reproducing the behavior in a custom game on the same map, and another map, and was not successful in doing so.


Managed to reproduce it in: https://replay.faforever.com/19417289

The map uses terrain types. Of all the 255 types there are two that are capable of blocking pathing. This can be used to fix cliffs and reduce pathing noise. But in this map the author spread them all over the map.


All the orange dots block pathing, landing on those dots will cause your unit to explode. As it did for you and me both.

@archsimkat This is a map issue. The map is Desert Planet II. it should either be fixed or no longer be in ladder.

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Nice map xd

My github repo with UI Mods


Thanks for the report, I've replaced Desert Planet II with Open Palms.