Should there even exist nuke subs?

Just a thought.

They are too "Surprise, motherfucker" to me: You never know how many there are until it's too late. What if they were changed into long-range tactical bombardment subs?

Also, what if you could always see how many nukes an enemy nuke launcher has just by flying over it? Like with items in Warcraft 3.

If you don’t know the enemy has nuke subs then that’s a skill issue. They aren’t cheap, you should be winning navy if they spend enough mass and e to make a nuke sub and build a nuke.

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skill issue

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Should see enemy e bar by hovering over their name on scoreboard too

Problem with nuke subs is that they’re insanely one note in gameplay and only really serve a niche on senton-like maps. They aren’t OP just boring for the rest of the game, which sucks when it’s 33% of t3 navy units available to some factions.

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@exselsior said in Should there even exist nuke subs?:

skill issue

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What's your point? I don't think I have ever been surprised by a nuke sub, sans maybe some sneaky Mizer play, but he's a Seton's god and it still would have cost him navy vs anyone not trolling so that doesn't count.

It's simply too expensive and too obvious to be surprised by 99% of the time. It takes 5 minutes and a couple t3 pgens + ~1 t3 mex (iirc...) dedicated to it to build the nuke, not to mention the sub itself is expensive.

Should we tell people when the enemy builds an experimental so we don't get surprised by that too if they're not scouting?

they're much less effective on larger maps.

I'd like to see their range boosted and their nukes changed to tactical nukes. Maybe give the missile 3-5 HP so it requires more than one TMD to shoot down.

I have rarely seen nuke subs. If you pay attention to your opponents mass spending habits and scout them frequently, you know that they're making a nuke sub, and it doesn't take too much effort to take one out, unless you have air control issues. Too many dominoes need to fall for the nuke sub to be really good. The 20x20 maps lend themselves well to nuke subs, by simply being able to hide them.

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