Game crashes in 5 of 10 attempts of playing

Game crashes when I am already in lobby, host starts the game. In the first 2 min it gets crashed, the window with debugging information openes with the last logs. These logs after last games which got crashed are here. Does Anybody get this kind of error?
I installed faf_windows-x64_2023_2_0-alpha-3.exe client of FAF, bc I had another problem with this situation - []. I deleted official version from the website of FAF, reinstall SupCOM FA from STEAM, download this version and istall, but these attempts were in vain.

game_19344713.log game_19344665.log game_19344630.log game_19344570.log game_19344551.log game_19344512.log game_19344313.log game_19344004.log game_19343953.log game_19343655.log

You have sound errors:

warning: SND: XACT3DApply failed.
         Invalid arg

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