How come you don't play ladder?

Cuz why wouldn't it? Global is the 4fun custom lobby rating. So it makes sense that it would show up in custom lobbies.
1v1 ladder you will see the ladder rating in game.
2v2? Same deal.
TMM? Same deal.

Not sure why would anyone want to display 1v1 rating in setons or gap lobby.

Ladder is fine I just get bored of the same maps over and over again I'm 900-ish 1v1. I prefer Mapgen keeps it fresh.
The BO argument doesn't really bother me. I don't have any map specific BO's just generic ones, I don't think they really dictate the out come of the game that much as long as the opponent understands a generic one and all concepts in the game.
The rating argument, 1v1 vs global, I believe is more of a playstyle difference than who is better or which holds more weight.
The best way I've heard it explained talks about player map responsibility and how 1v1 rating doesn't always translate to global and vice versa.

My suggestion would be make a second 1v1 que which is only Mapgen and changes weekly. Do it for a month and see which que gets played the most. I believe that its a foregone conclusion that the map gen que comes out on top(happy to be wrong) but it would be an interesting experiment in any case.

I try to play at least one a day. Most frustrating thing for me is people quitting because they don't like the map. There are some people really bad about this.

Personally, I generally do not like the really big maps, or the really small ones.

What's your approx. rating?

680-820 Depending on the week...

Last time I tried to play ladder I was slapped down on Canis River and the enemy com walked into my base minute 2:30.

5x5 maps existing means I'll probably never play ladder.

skill issue

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@snowy801 If you're 1200+ the chance you'll get a 5x5 map is literally zero

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

Finally, I can queue 1v1

The embodiment of depression...

I prefer bigger maps, don't want to be rushed in min 3 and lost my hydro and basically the game
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