Games keep crashing at 10AM (GMT)

For the last 3/4 weeks my custom game with people in the UK and US keeps crashing at 10AM I guess there is some server maintenance? If that's the case can it be moved as this time is the only time we can all play.

It s a local problem of yours, server maintenance is announced and quite rare. What you described seems like a dunamic ip change and you should most likely ask your ISP about that (if your game crash is all about losing connection and not actual crashes for which you have error logs)

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

Sounds like the start to a horror movie to me. Maybe an SCP story. Clearly a demon molests your router, be careful op !

@rezy-noob How could It be just a local issue when the game stops/freezes for all of us 2 in UK different cities and 2 in US?

@asreall Because it only takes one of you to freeze the game