When teleport will be fixed?

The teleport is broken since 3 monthes or so. It takes like 15 seconds or was it like this?

What is the problem, should it be faster?

The embodiment of depression...

@balanceslave it should be longer, no? I thought it was like 20 seconds before.

No? It was like 5-10s before until people got fed up with cybran and sera abusing it. So what we currently have is a nerfed version of it.

Is the teleport speed affected by power availability? Or did i dream that..?

@serpentor highly impacted by that

Not really, it just takes 10,000 E to charge the teleport which isn’t much at that stage of the game. It would only be a factor if your base got wiped out after you teleported

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Becomes a lot when it’s someone whose base has already been destroyed and they have nothing to do other than teleport which is relatively common, but yeah that’s still a bit niche

That's just to prevent them from dragging out a lost game by teleporting to random corners of a 20x20 incessantly

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u