Cybran t2 mml

I have a felling that t2 cybran mml are way too powerful. They are very expensive to defend against. I mean they are even stronger than t3 uef mml. It's not fair. They can be countered only with aeon tmd.

are they really stronger than t3?

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@saphed at least I have a feeling. Because except for aeon tmd, one tmd does not counter it, even though it is cheaper than cybran mml.

MML shouldn't be counterable by TMD unless you pour massive amounts of mass into defense imo. Cybran is just what MML should be like.

@xiaomao I don't mind of all mml's being so strong, but I feel like cybran mml is way stronger than others.

The Cybran MML is the only one even worth building. It's not too strong.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

@gabitii Race differences are a thing, so sometimes you'll see units that feel like they're stronger than their other-race equivalents. That's okay, other races have their own strengths.

Additionally, turtling being punished is fairly healthy for the game, in my opinion.

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