Total Mass And Energy Reclaimed UI Mod

Hi all!

I know there exists a mod (or something) that monitors the total reclaim amount of mass and energy on the user interface in game.

The mod (or something) represents a rectangle that is located next to your income rates.

In that rectangle there are two numbers: one being the total mass reclaimed, and the other - total energy reclaimed.

I searched the Mods in the FAF Client and didn't find anything.

I asked Google, and he also didn't know.

Where can I get this thing?

Also, this thing is so useful, the problem getting it raises some questions:

"Why the thing is not implemented into the base client?"
(with an option to turn it on and off)

"Is this some kind of secret technology that only few enlightened poses?"

Skill To Game Or Game To Skill

this already shows for me without any mods, but on same window as income rates

Thank you.

Skill To Game Or Game To Skill

The separate rectangle you are talking about was from one of those deprecated mods in the last big patch.