Weekly Discussion #24 - Misc T2 Land

This here thread is for all the other T2 land units. Mobile shields, stealth, flak, range bots, sparkies, and fire beetles.

Range bots could use some love. Spending time microing them is usually not worth it.

When I play Aeon and I'm Navy, I always go T2 Land as well. An Asylum wall and destroyers are hard to go against, though it's micro heavy.
Hoplites are a hilarious little shotgun, paired well with radar stealth, mobile or otherwise.
Mongoose is also pretty cool, but more like a mobile point defense than anything, paired well with Parashields.
Seraphim sure are a thing.

Now that I think about it, Cybran and UEF are the only factions with a T2 land that has "Medium range"

EDIT: The only time I've used Fire Beetles is around a fire base, under a stealth field generator of some kind. I've used them kind of like land mines, but not particularly effective.

Sparkies are neat, I've blended them in with an army and if the push is successful, they're great at making a firebase to keep that territory.