Are there any other places to get Forged Alliance maps?

I've been looking around for forged alliance maps, and there's almost nothing online as far as I can tell except for through FAF. Also is there anywhere I can download maps uploaded to FAF?

I can't help much with your first question, but are you aware that you can already download those on FAF from the launcher?

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@deletethis not a faf player, dont have a legit copy. Just wanted to grab some maps to play with friends within the next day or two

torrent magnet link: this is "fatalen map pack" i found posted on some website, but post is from 2010 xD, they say it has 600 maps.

FAF has newer and better better maps, adaptive maps, maps with fun scripts like volcano that erupts and fires projectiles that drop on the ground and turn into reclaimable rocks. more survival maps and stuff like that... and ofc ton of turtly maps too for newer players 😑

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Not saying you have to go for it, but currently (til 5th Jan) the 'Gold edition' of SupCom + SupCom FA is on sale for 3€ on steam. I'm not gonna go into socio-economics of anyone, but if you can afford having internet, this shouldn't be that big of a problem.

@Katini The game costs less than $3, and you are welcome being part of this community with a legit copy which gives you access to a ton of mods, maps and even a map generator which you can customize to your liking and so much more.

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