questionable matchmaker behaviour

it made this game while i (2256 rating) was queued.
this game could've been 2100 2300 1800 1900 VS 2300 2300 1900 1600 or something similar, but instead it decided to include the 1400. This could've been due to the fact that the 1400 had been in queue for a long time, but I don't think long wait times should override game quality

When you notice something like this, please try to ask the participating players if there were any premades. It's not stored anywhere, so impossible to look up later.
In this case I believe that there were some premades, as with you instead of the 1400 the game could be 0.23 (units of game quality. Not the game quality displayed in the client) better, while a single person in 4v4 can at max build up 0.05 time bonus.

For the record I was not in a premade.

@blackyps yeah my bad i forgot to. i just assumed the 1400 wasn't in one because i've never seen him before lol

me and blast were not in a premade

The embodiment of depression...

What’s the game id?

@BlackYps BTW now that I finally have access to the server logs again I think we can find out what the parties were for a particular match with a bit of digging. In this case it looks like everyone was searching separately, but I think you already identified the issue.

@Askaholic what issue have I identified? If Maiar and Lyuker were not premade then something funky is going on

@BlackYps Oh I assumed your PR to cap the new bonus was related. I’ll send you the info on this match though in case it helps with something else.

That PR was actually not related to this specific match

gonna steal the topic kappa


Nobody was teamed up with the 1400, but it choose the 1400 to match in the game even though i was searching for longer (he matched in a previous match too that failed to launch, unless that somehow saves the total queue time).

Didn't ask everyone but i know everyone well enough to say that i'm 99% sure the only party that existed was macro/rezy together.

Which means a team of something like me (2600) + eco (2100) + jagged (1700) + Xayo(1900) = 8.3k vs 2000+2200+2300+1800= 8.3k could've been made.

There's roughly 10 games with an average rating of +-500 from 1400, while there are 2 with an average rating of +-800 for me and this was one of them. Which means i have to wait until both the games are over, which has already taken 20min and counting, until i can have a next potential match, while in the meantime there's already been 4+ launches that are within 500 average rating of 1400.

Not sure if i missed something

game id pls, so we can search the logs


queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

Just going to tie these two threads together here: