403s when trying to load replays with ID #16999999 and older

Replays with ID #16999999 and older are not loading from the vault (dated from 9th of May 2022 around 7:30pm GMT) - giving back HTTP response 403. Newer replays load without issue.

This is the error I get when trying to load the most voted replay -ThomasHiatt Vs ZLO back in 29 Apr 2020: Replay 11612043 error details.txt.

  • FAF Client version: 2022.11.0
  • Java runtime: OpenJDK build 18.0.2-ea+9-Ubuntu-222.04
  • Operative system: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

I have this same problem. Any updates from server admin?

I do have a local copy of most of the replays ~ 750 GB

It's a problem with a NFS mount on the server that keeps dying/crashing whatever. We are aware of the problem, no ETA on a solution. (All previously attempts did not solve it yet)

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