cybran T2 anti torpedo destroyer

hello, is a T2 anti torpedo destroyer usefull to protect also other boat from torpedo ?

how many torpedo the T2 destroyer can block ?

for instance against t2 cybran submarine, :

1 t2 cybran submarine vs 1 t2 destroyer ?

how many t2 cybran submarine the cybran t2 destroyer can block and kill ?

All T2 destroyers except UEF can kill T2 submarines cost-effectively. Aeon destroyer kills 2 T2 subs with about 50% health remaining, Sera with 30%, Cybran 25%, UEF dies without even killing one.

thanks a lot. but is anti torpedo area large enought to protect the destroyer and also another boat ?

Easiest/only way to answer that is to host a sandbox game with cheats enabled and test it out yourself in the exact conditions you are thinking of

Thanks I didn't know it was possible.

I thought that expert of the game may know if it is possible to use cybran T2 destroyer as a 'wall' to protect my own submarine against other submarines.

Like for cruiser that can protect other boat from missiles.

@iostrym Antitorps fire on any enemy torp that comes in range (and range is quite comfortable), when they are loaded. Even if those torps are fired to another target. So, yes, you can use destroyers to protect submarines, and submarines to protect destroyers. You can even put multiple naval units in the same spot. Like having 20 subs in the exact same spot. So they all protect each other. But in that case something with area of effect, can hurt all of them in the same time. Like Tempest torps/depth charges have aoe. Or battleships when groundfireing subs, etc. Notice also, that destroyer's antitorps have minimal range, under which they dont work. For example, if enemy sub is under your destroyer, then destros antitorp does not protect against that sub.