Reporting players / Karma system

Hey all, noob to the forum and a pretty below average player.

Something really bugging me recently is the amount of games that are "sabotaged" by team members rage quitting / ctrl + k.

It throws the game etc and well it's just not fun. Especially when there is no Comms before hand. I've had games where the team talks and decides that yeah we lost and to keep playing is a grind. Fair enough. But like I said recently, it's been in the first 15/20mins of a game.

The last one we had map control and air and a guy quit because they got one bomber through and took out a few engineers, so lost our navy and then lost from their navy.

Thoughts? I'm still a little angry at the last game I played 😅


This specific case was dealt with already. We have the report form system ( where players can report other users breaking the rules. Everything is logged there for moderators to review, troublemakers who often break the rules get longer and longer punishments which can ultimately lead to permanent bans.

Problem with karma systems is that it's always more incentivized by dudes that are mad to use it than dudes that are happy. It also means that dudes that are mad because

A) They lost
B) They don't like what tactic they lost to
C) They personally don't like the dude they lost to
D) They played with a gamethrower/toxic guy

Will all use the system in the same way. Not to mention toxicity means 102 things to 100 people. We do not have the moderation manpower to go through such an automated system manually and pick out the false flags, meaning this system will need to be automated in banning, which is terrible. We also can't have it as some sort of public name and shame number because that just never works out and ends up becoming an original sin mechanic.

Just use the report form gieb posted above for such situations.

Brilliant thanks peoples! I could see from your options this being abused. I'll use the link next time it really annoys me.
Thanks again.

Yeah, in Age of Empires II they had a % next to your nickname... showing % of games you didn't quit. Below 95% almost nobody let you in their lobby. My computer froze on like my 10th game... ouch lol.

keep in mind that you'll get to play another game, although they ruined that one, hopefully you have plenty of other games to play. For extreme cases, I Foe the user and keep a notepad with user names and why they are foed; if you look at the lobbies open, a frownie face 😞 will show up next to foes; This has saved me from joining a couple games where the play has the note of "lagged real bad and refused to leave" etc etc.