Automatic structure ringing makes separate orders for each engi

Which makes it really hard to cancel these orders with CTRL+SHIFT+RMB if you have too many engies selected.

Any way to fix it?

select one engie, ring mexes, and assist with others, ez fix

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

@rezy-noob No one orders ringing and anticipates cancelling.


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The Lua call we have available does not support the same type of 'batching' of orders that you can do as a user. Therefore we can either:

  • (1) issue the order for each engineer separately, at the same tick
  • (2) issue the order for one engineer, and have all the other engineers assist that engineer

We now have (1). We previously had (2), but that had issues with people feeling like engineers would ignore the assist order when you'd issue additional orders after ringing the extractor.

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Seconding Jip's comment, the new solution for this where each engy gets its own order works far better than the old version. Old version was so annoying that I almost always just used my storage template.

I find it very annoying to try to cancel all of the orders to make mass fabs around a T3 mex when that order gets issued by accident on multiple engineers.

But I like how the system currently works in terms of queuing up orders to make mass storages.

One possible fix would be: if you use ctrl-shift-RMB to delete an order to make some building somewhere, could you automatically have the system delete ALL other queued up orders to make the same exact building on the same exact square?

Is that something that could be created as a UI mod, if the devs don't want to put it into the base game? (Or at least, so we could test this feature before adding it to the base game)