Stutter issues : 1-2 micro stutter, even in local games

100% my PC can play FAF,

I have i7-9700k @ 5Ghz with a water block
32 Gb ram
FAF installed on NVMe drive

but still getting continuous micro stutters all the time. even with or without high unit counts.

Any idea where to start?

Is your PC fully stable? I had similiar results when I had mine pushed too hard for what the hardware could take. Leading to some micro stutter here and there, but In my case I was pushing ram way to hard.

Might be also GPU fault? On some amd drivers I had this happening when playing LoL and having 1-2 videos opened in the background. With no YT,movies etc everything was perfectly fine but the moment I had the GPU do something more than just run the game at the same time I would have micro stutter in lol every few seconds.(though that also might be due to running hefty UV)

micro shutters in replay is an issue for everyone... there was a fix but i am not sure if fix was deployed
not sure about non-replays...

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Micro stutter also can be issued from UI mods or log spam.

Can you provide us a game.log ?