Vote draw and vote recall is probably useless.

If someone AFK or idk trolling or etc. there is no way to vote draw\recall, because 100% accepted answers is needed. So this is really not a way to end the game.

Atleast the AFK timer is needed.

The recall vote doesn't require the approval of the entire team. When there are 3 or more players alive, it requires all but one person to accept.

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@jip it seems failed in

As i see - everyone clicks YES, except AFK player, twice.

@percithundercock no system is perfect. This just feels like you had a game with an afk player and now want to take out your frustrations on the new surrender feature.

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@javi im just ask to recheck it, cause in my case it doesnt work for some reason. Maybe i miss what that votes result was 2\4 or 1\4, but i clearly seen three green squares on top.

It is not about frustration, just have time to rant on forums.

I'll look at it @PerciThundercock

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

From looking at the logs of the replay it looks like only 1 other player accepted the recall not meeting the 3/4 threshold